Sunday, May 13, 2007


Last night, as you silently wept and chocked back tears, I noticed.

Why do you hurt? Are you alone and forgotten? Have you been abandoned and lied to? What can be so terrible to cause a blissful fa├žade by day and this sorrowful heap by night? Is it wrong for me to feel sorry for you? After all, what's wrong for me may be right for you. Still, I can't help but think of what some would give to have the choices you are choosing not to make. But then, I don't know you. Perhaps you're an artist waiting for inspiration or a writer seeking a muse. Yet, day after day for over a year now, I see you drift on by unnoticed as you fade further and further into obscurity and though my eye may have accidentally caught yours only once I wish I could ask you, why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?

Can you see beauty even if not every day is pleasant? Or like a bird caged so long you've forgotten how to fly?


A world of Symphony said...

'Can you see beauty even if not every day is pleasant? Or like a bird caged so long you've forgotten how to fly?'

Very thought provoking yet inspirational lines.

These lines somehow remind me of an advice 'look beyond the horizon for there lies your rainbow'.

The Blind Parade said...

I love ya. :D

When can we leave to get the work done? :P It's close to 10 already.

In your defence, you said you wouldn't sleep till 10. And you didn't. :P

The Blind Parade said...


I've started work on that long awaited bee-log by the way. And linked you.

*A* said...

u capture it perfectly.....



Anonymous said...

Yes, yes Ash 'like a bird caged so long' that I've forgotton how to fly..
Very nice and touchy post Ash.. I enjoyed reading it..

Anonymous said...

Very well written...Classic.

Many questions just poped in mind but will not ask. The beauty is to keep the mystry the way it is.

mo said...

Love of the misery. It develops once you get miserable and then when happiness strikes, it seems a disturbance. So the person seeks the asylum of misery to keep on doing the same thing he has grown fond of. still, if you did strike up a random conversation and ask this person those questions, you might be surprised and might get a completely unexpected answer. perception vs. reality.


Loved it.

Someone in Al Ain said...

perfect write..

Ash said...

This post is addressed to someone I see almost every day just drifting on by begging for direction.

A world of symphony: 'Look beyond the horizon for there lies your rainbow'... those are words to live by. Beautiful piece of advice.

Mo, I agree with you on the "perception vs. reality" bit. They could just be as pleased as the piper who played, who knows.

The blind parade: You sneaked up on me, you clever little devil, you. :)

A, Anonymous, IYM and Someone in Al Ain: Thanks :) And thank you all for stopping by.

aoc gold said...

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