Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am chewing five pieces of gum and have recently polished off eighty dirhams worth of brain food. I'm already down eleven cigarettes, three energy drinks and thirty push-ups by now. I have another test tomorrow and I'm thoroughly burned out.

I've tried finding the joy in what I'm doing, learning by asking questions, focusing on core concepts, losing myself in my work, and positive visualization. I've tried naps and hot tea and sit-ups and reminding myself that the material isn't that hard. But mostly I just want all this to be over, all of these multiple-choice tests that boil the infinite wonder of the human body down to A, B, C, D, or E.

The A-B-C-D-E stuff is foundation, and everyone knows foundation is ugly. It's digging and concrete and rebar and Teamsters and mob bosses and relentless testing. It's the most important and most thankless part of any edifice. And while I know every doctor should be able to deliver a baby on an airplane or manage a tracheostomy or tell Aunt Sally what to do about that lump on her breast, I kind of want to hang out at my house and check out the latest rumors on club transfer markets and go forum hopping to mourn Buffon's possible transfer with fellow Juventini. I want to order sconces. But all of this right after I learn about diabetes. For the fifteenth time. Repeat to fade...


*A* said...

hang in dere buddi!!
it'll be ovr soon :D

MD said...

Are you also doing the Rashid Hosp thing? Hope things go well with you!

Ash said...

The Rashid Hospital thing? I'm not sure I follow.

Thanks for the wishes, MD. I could seriously use tons of it :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Hi Ash, it's me after a while..
I've been extremely busy lately and I was leaving the hospital here more or less around 8 pm every day..
Don't worry about your exam headaches; we've all gone through it.. it's worth it at the end, believe me..
I'll be in Dubai in 2 weeks or so; would like to meet up with you in person to give you that CD and catch up with things..
E-mail me once you get this..

Kyle said...

It's digging and concrete and rebar and Teamsters and mob bosses and relentless testing.

Yeah, they never did find Jimmy Hoffa, did they?

Been a while since you last posted. Busy, lazy, no motivation or simply said 'lack of interest'?

Other than that, hope all's well! said...

do you enjoy it though? i mean, the actual being a doctor thing, not the studying?

if you dont, then maybe you should consider changing fields...

Aj said...

Finally a juveinti on bloggers, I'm a die hard juventus fan myself.
It really is one of these life changing moments that just boils down to a stupid 100 multiple choice which could merely mean nothing in the real world.
Well seeing how old this account is. hope to hear more from you soon!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Best of luck Ash with all of your exams.. I'm sure you're doing just fine !
Let us know how it goes..

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