Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I promised myself I would take at least two major exams this year and break my back getting a spot in one of the meanest residency programs. But each day I break a little bit of that promise if anything, when I waste more time than I can afford going on quests given to me by kilobytes in the form of night-elf druids that don't actually exist while my books gather endless layers of dust (thankeeverymuch World of Warcraft). Plus I was involved in an accident last week that totally wrecked my car which gave me an excuse to stop attending my study sessions. Plus this bad case of the screaming whatsits is going to give me a hard time transitioning back to study mode when I actually do wish to get serious. Plus to my eternal regret, I find myself surrounded by vultures disguised as friends who're constantly bent on siphoning every last penny out of me. Funny how all these pluses add up to minuses.

Did I ever say that Psychiatry was a load of old guff aimed at the gullible and the desperate? I take it all back as, surely, here is irrefutable proof to the contrary.


Hot Lemon& Honey said...

LOL Ash, I ofcourse can relate to every single word.
"surrounded by vultures disguised as friends", I know :) I have many.

Two big exams. I am curious to know which ones. Is study sessions= study group? cause I wasted time on that, and if in doubt, make it clear to them or just do it your self.
Many of us had a period of stagnation after the internship, trying to sort things out, taking a breath after "making it" and finding out exactly what we are going to commit to. So don't worry, your boat will be sailing again soon.
Thanks for the kind words, so sweet of you, do you think you will convert?can i convince you?

DoTs... said...

see its just like that :

+ -

u just add another " - " to create a plus .. in other words.. when u see that you have a lot of minuses.. feel good because a plus is soon ! :D

btw.. el7emdelelah 3ala il salameh glad u are okay.

Ash said...

HL&H, a study session is quite unlike a group and anyone is welcome to partake. I started it with a senior from my medical rotation. It's more like an interactive lecture, if you will. Very educational and highly productive. I couldn't last with a study group, tried and tested :D

On the exam front, I'm not sure yet and it's this exact inability to make a decision that's killing me. Still, I'd like to go for at least a step of some form of licensure exam (depending on wherever I choose to move) and postgraduate prerequisites for the specialty of my choice; which, as I mentioned earlier, I still haven't chosen. As for Psychiatry, it's a noble profession and not necessarily an easy one. It takes a lot of courage and selflessness and although not meaning to blow my own horn here, I think I'm naturally capable of giving those to my profession; I hadn't given it any serious thought until now. Then there's always the playing about with ideas of going back to university for a masters or a PhD, research, academia and some such.

Do expect to get an email from me. I might soon be bombarding you with questions since I seem to be going nowhere with my ideas and feel as lost as a bat at high noon. Not a pretty state of mind, I assure you :(

Dots, I'm still hanging by a thread wishing on that plus but now I'm more convinced than ever that until I make a stand and do something about it, nothing's ever going to change which, in practical terms, would be to stop helping everybody that asks. Still not sure how I'm going to achieve that but I like to think the realization is a start. Oh, and jazak-Allah khair for the well wishes. Apart from a mild neck whiplash, I made it out safe, alhamdulilah :)


Take care next time when you drive Ash..
I passed all the USMLE steps and I'm ECFMG certified.. in addition to the Canadian exam as well MCCEE.. I know how you feel; it's a headache going through all the preparation but it's worth it at the end.. and do it now; it's your only chance before life makes you consumed further..
If you need any help or advises let me know; my pleasure to help you out :)

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Ash feel free to email me any time.
Would love to be of any help. I'm sure you will be still in Dubai when I come in July, so we should meet.

IYM is so resourceful, she gave me alot of good tips, she is a great person for advice.

I am so thoughtless, 7amdillah 3ala el salamah, glad you are ok, and I know what a pain it is to be without a car, believe me.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Hope all is well with you girl

Ash said...

I'm good, HL&H. Just been running errands all day everyday, stuff I'd been putting off when I didn't have my car. And we should definitely hook up in July when you're here, Insha'Allah :)

IYM, I have recently started looking into the exams I'm going to be taking. And of course I'll take some percentage of them this year and should wrap it up by mid next year, Insha'Allah. That piece of advice is, indeed, priceless.

Thanks so much for it and the well wishes, friends.

rosh said...

Hope things are better re: career choices & car issues.

Yes I agree re: Psychiatry - this place called "the mindspa" took me off frequent nail bitting & cold sweat sessions : ) - unfortunately, now am back at it :(

IYM & HLH are such rare finds - you are truly lucky/blessed to have these wonderful souls for guidance.

HLH - you don't drive cars ya - you are Hummer person - hummers ain't cars, but trucks and a half ;)

Ash said...

Spot on regarding the Hummer bit, Rosh. Monster trucks and Hummers is the way to live, indeed :D

Following medical school, a career choice is the toughest decision I've had to make. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to triumph.

Car issues are still pretty much unresolved. Should be all set in the next couple of days, here's hoping.

Sadly, my nail biting habit still hasn't left me. Politics make me do that :( No joke.

IYM, you're right. I should be more careful. All that cruising away at unholy speeds finally caught up with me. First accident where it was my fault. No argument there.

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