Saturday, December 16, 2006


Dudes and dudettes,

Hello and welcome to the blog of a medical intern who, on better days, passes for a madcap scientist of sorts on an intellectually-driven pursuit of knowledge and is often sighted wandering aimlessly about the halls and wards of the hospitals around town. The glasses are for real, I kid you not. A journal of this kind has been long overdue but all thanks to medical school (read: life of a recluse betrothed in marriage to a monstrously towering stack of books; all strictly of medical nature, mind) and other worries of a more serious note, I lacked both the time and motivation to vent to a cosmos of kilobytes and generally be a nuisance. Now, I am finally on the loose. Yet, between on-call scrubs, nicotine trips and nervous breakdowns; my quest for sanity continues...

With this blog, I hope to be able to kick the habit and go back to the bliss of my smoke-free existence. I want to be there when my little burrow makes that transition from being a platform for all things small-fry in the eyes of all y'all to when I finally find that scholar within. I really am just a tormented artist at heart waiting for inspiration from the big time, or so I like to think. In the meantime, I shall talk about whatever grabs my fancy and will attempt at one decent publication every day (okay, I'm willing to bet my cinnamon roll that isn't going to happen but still). I will strive to keep this as apolitical as it gets *all your base are belong to us* because it's enough that I compulsively bite my nails; for all is wrong with the world, there's people starving, children dying, hypocrisy is rampant and all that jazz. Meanwhile, I shall continue to doctor Dubai. One patient at a time.

And in other news from the World of Warcraft; despite taking a massively crippling blow off the shores of Rut'theran Village, my insanely sexy Kal'dorei - Galbraith - continues to soldier on.

The Nicotine Calculator
Day(s) since last smoke: 0
Temptation(s): Infinite
Moment(s) of weakness: 1
Just bought my last pack of Golden Virginia and the temptation to roll myself one was greater than I could resist.
*proudly blows smoke rings, begins to cough violently, chokes, dies*

Okay then, let's get this show on the road.


Mohamed said...

Hey Ash! Nice read, look forward to many more of your entries!

And don't you dare touch that joint!

Anonymous said...

i like the way u write..... r u a journalist?????

Anonymous said...

opps doctor i forgot

Mona said...

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Zar said...

Ash, Zar here. I check here almost everyday hoping you would have more material for this hungry reader to ravage. Would you like some tiddy pinches to be made to trudge and soldier on? *hint hint*

On a more serious note, Baba would have been really proud of you knowing how much he appreciated good writing to see how far you have come from your clockstruckingeight days.

All my love to my little-in-every-way-except-one *wink wink* sister

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Hi Ash...I think I will enjoy reading your blog....
Welcome to the blogworld

Ash said...

Thanks, Hot Lemon & Honey. A fellow medico? Interesting! ;)

steve said...

such a well-written blog for one so young! Ever considered a career in journalism ?
Fab little read. Especially if, as it seems, that you just tossed this out in half an hour. Off the cuff, and very full of life!
Well done. Hugely enjoyable read.
Oh and welcome to the blogging world.

Steve. (Big and wise at 25.)