Thursday, March 15, 2007


This past week, on a girl's night out, was greatly disturbed to meet the young wife of a prominent construction industry bigwig. At first the estrogen-speak induced recurring ignorance and plastic plutocracy much like that of the nouveau riche had me shrink away in disgust, but soon realized she was just getting started when she announced that in an American-Airlines-one-olive-at-a-time cost-cutting fashion, her husband tactfully introduced a clause on the labor force's contract allowing the company to deduct AED 75 from the worker's wage should said worker fail to report for duty and AED 45 in case of a fight. Only in this case, not one but two olives will be plucked from under boy blue (quite literally) considering his already non-existent pay. "According to our estimate, on account of the fights alone we should be able to save thousands on book by the end of the year", says she.

Exactly what makes them steal food off a poor man's table when they have want for nothing?

A rather heated debate ensued on the losing end of which she sat, all thanks to her hopelessly wanting logic. The poverty of her ideas out of concern, as hypocritical as the virtue-flaunting of politicians, forced me to make my exit. Reasoning with tragically stupid sheep little good will do.

Alas, there shall be a judgment day.


Anonymous said...

i read the three entries about your dad, and they were truly heartbreaking. they made me feel guilty and sad for my actions, and i'm only sixteen hah.

oh and thank you very much.

click_310 said...

Its sad to see how certain people get away with crap in sandland :/

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