Friday, January 19, 2007


I've been living on my own since fall of 2000. And while it peacefully allows me to operate at my own pace; admittedly, there are many downsides to it. For one thing, that many years are sure to bring about a considerable amount of change in any person; yet, my bad habits have sworn to stick. I didn't believe my parents when they told me as much.

Currently my life entails, among other things:
  • Loacker and caramel milk for midafternoon breakfasts – four days running.
  • Frozen pineapple and strawberries for dinner – nearly every night.
  • Substitution of potato munchers and popcorn for all things.
  • Being an expert on all take-out joints, citywide. (Note to self: must learn to cook and delight in it.)
  • Taking singing to dangerous heights (or lows depending on who's listening).
  • Discovering that bills need to be paid on time.
  • Watching the CSI Marathon - uninterrupted. (Read: wasting countless hours without being made to feel an ounce of guilt.)
  • Lazing around the apartment in a t-shirt and boy shorts while listening to the cheesiest 80's music I can find.
  • Piling up dirty laundry to the point of running out of fresh wardrobe.
  • Shamelessly oversleeping more often than not.
Who says living alone isn't desirable?


Anonymous said...

awwww it cant be all bad?!?!?!?

Ash said...

Nah, it isn't! But listen to your parents when they ask you to do things differently. Old habits (especially the bad ones) die hard. 'Tis true. I'm experiencing it first hand. ;)